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Song of the Month: Atomsmasher - Walk Away

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New Ed Erenberg & Atomsmasher single - You Wanna!

Available Now

New Ed Erenberg & Atomsmasher Single - We Brought This Fate Upon Us!

Ed Erenberg & Atomsmasher - We Brought This Fate Upon Us

New single from Ed Erenberg & Atomsmasher! A spacey, catchy burst of mournful power pop filled to the brim with delayed guitar, fretless bass and blunt lyrics. Available now on iTunes and Amazon!

 New Ed Erenberg & Atomsmasher digital single  Party Ghost released!


Ed Erenberg - Here's To The Lions

Ed Erenberg - Here's To The Lions

Now available at iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby!

Atomsmasher - All Around The World        Atomsmasher - Up & Atom

Atomsmasher downloads at Amazon.

Atomsmasher downloads at iTunes.

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